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Operation Commander: Sobrik Burka'da

Present aliite: Xeddan, Nestorr, Altamira, Ironshot, Lyons, Adenn'kruva, Ba'slan

Forces Deployed: All present Vode improvition, and Base defenses

Location: Belsavis

Time Frame of Operation: Three planetary days


After a mysterious ambush by a Trandoshan mercenary, taken down by a beskar piercing slugthrower Altamira is put in semi-critical condition, wounded and on bed rest accompanied by a wary and guilt plagued Adenn. In response Nestorr takes a hunting party of Sobrik, Ba'slan and Himself to counter a nearby Trandoshan settlement, however on the homestead the plot would prove a step ahead.
***** Accessing Belsavis Mando'ade Database *****

***** One Item Requires Attention *****

***** Play Holo-recording? *****

**** Recording Commences: One Day Ago ****

********** Holonet Online **********

****** Search: Entity Known by "The Mandalorians”******

*****Success – Servers Found *****

*****1 Server Available – Remaining Require Encryption Key *****

***** Command: Accesses Public Logs *****

***** Search : Outbreak; Alderaan; Rakghoul *****


**** 1 Log Found  ****

*** Play Holo-Recording? ***

From the start when I took over this guild I had two major goals I wanted to achieve. The first was I wanted to bring a sense of that "old school" SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) Mandalorian PVP-RP play style to the Ebon Hawk server. To tell ya true on both Shien (My old server) and Ebon Hawk I never really felt the majority of the community who "say" they are Mandalorians actually lived up to it while playing the game. However when I came upon this group and started to have some extensive chats with Rylon, which consisted for about a week, let's just say I was impressed; after such a time I agreed to join up. From one SWG Mando vet to another I felt it important to maintain the overall style and focus Rylon started in SWG and continued in TOR. That style which many of you who have been here longer then a few weeks should know is actually quite simple... Follow the Resol'nare and don't RP your character as something you cannot back up in a fight.

The second goal was a very personal one I have always for years talked about but never had the
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Operation Commander: Akaan'alor Goddrick Saternius

Present aliite:
Aliit Kohr, Aliit Saternius, and Aliit Dha Ijaat.

Forces Deployed:
Two fireteams with a few scouts deployed at any given time. At one point, could be considered platoon strength. ((roughly 15 - 20 people most days/hours))

Tatooine, specifically the Dune Sea and contested zone referred to as "The Outlaws Den".

Time Frame of Operation:
Three standard Galactic days.


Original reports stretching weeks before operation showed the Tatooine location around the Dune Sea and the Den proved promising for potential conflict. For one reason or another all types seem to frequent these areas. Greed, archaeology, prospecting, conflict of borders between the Empire and Republic... Obviously a apparent hot spot and prime location for potential darasuum kote.

First hour of operation proved to yield minimal resistance, scoundrels and cut throats mainly, some rogue force users perhaps but in the end nothing worth of note. It would seem the Dens title fits it well, for the most wretched seem to occupy out of greed... Not glory, all were easily dispatched.
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Ke'sush vode!

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Enjin site is up and operational... Still very much fresh and will be updated often if not daily as we continue to see what uses we have for this site. For now if you are already part of The Mandalorians In-Game just join the site and send me a message of who you are, I will approve it this way you can start to utilize the forums. If you are new to The Mandalorians and this is you're first time in contact with us, feel free to check us out (once our about tab is finished) and if interested in joining our aliite fill out a application on the site.

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