Who are The Mandalorians?
The Mandalorians are a guild of dedicated players that enjoy an old school RP-PvP style of play that began in Star Wars Galaxies (R.I.P.) and is now continued in Star Wars the Old Republic. The guild was first founded several years ago by Rylon Kohr on the SWG server Chilastra. The torch of leadership has since been passed to Goddrick Saternius and Ro'ran Stormfist, who carried on the RP-PvP tradition to the SWTOR server of the Ebon Hawk. As of 2015, Sobrik and Ironshot have taken over command of the guild!

This requires a level of focus from each guild member, and no individual in the Mandalorians will act in a manner that they are incapable of backing up in combat. We do not tolerate meta-gaming and god-modding from our membership nor accept it in others around us. This has and will continue to put us into contention with other groups of role-players who do not like using the in-game PvP mechanics to solve conflicts. We have enjoyed this style of play for over ten years, and we believe it offers a fun factor that is unmatched in other styles of role-play. However, our membership has a personal choice to be involved in free-form or "roll" Rp combat IF they so wish, as Pvp is a guild tradition, NOT a requirement.

What exactly is RP-PvP?

RP-PVP is a style of role-playing, and maintains the same classic characteristics such as portraying our characters with a life of their own, which includes trying to remain in-character as much as possible as well as building role-playing plot lines with players outside of our guild. The difference comes when the back and forth of words is not enough to solve a conflict, and when combat or other aggressive forms of role-play occur, we utilize the actual in-game mechanics and tactics of PvP to defend ourselves. 

There have been too many instances of other players taking advantage of free form role-play and dice rolls (and other combat scripting methods), and to us that greatly lessens the enjoyment of role-play. However, using the mechanics provided by the game gives each player an equal opportunity to achieve their victory condition without the use of god-modding and meta-gaming. 

After all, anyone can act and say that they were trained by Shae Vizla and thus be an awesome free-form fighter, but it is something entirely different to back up you're claims using PvP as it takes a greater level of time, effort, and dedication to actually pull off. In a way the PvP aspect humbles us to not go beyond our means, or that of a potential opponent. It is this mentality which creates a strong atmosphere of both reward and repercussion for our actions, maintaining a true realistic sense of what it means to roleplay mortal characters rather meta-Gods and Deities. 

Now some might have the thought, "well cant you take advantage of those who do not PvP or are a lower level?" Sure, this can happen. The thing about role-playing a Mandalorian however is to not actually go around picking fights with those who actually offer you no challenge, or going around looking to pick a fight should not be the directive unless there is motive behind it. Another concern is that many other players mistake Mandalorians for being "bullies", as they do come off sometimes as threatening or aggressive to others. What most don't realize is that there is typically a reason for such behavior. Much like the Echani, Mandalorians feel that after a certain point words are not enough to gauge someones character, combat is sometimes required to achieve this. If someone is in a cantina boasting about their prowess in combat, we will want to test it. This is both to call someone out on their potential bluff, or if it is true to meet and engage with a worthy opponent. If someone is obviously "poking a stick" at us, we will find it amusing at first, boring at second, and lastly should such actions continue-  it would be found as annoying.

...In other words to anyone who feels the need to be bullies, tough guys, or boasters by means of /talk,  expect that The Mandalorians will not tolerate it. We are not /rollers or /emoters, Mandalorians speak through actions and not empty words.

Doesn't this system favor end level players with PvP gear?

The answer is both yes and no. If you wish to get the full thrill of the RP-PvP style, being a maxed level character with decent PvP gear does give you an edge over anyone who is not. However, if both players are the same level and have relatively equal gear then the end result is typically based on one of two things; character class and player skill. There are some classes that have an innate advantage over others, but it has been our experience that a well-played character can overcome this. Player skills are something that has been greatly underestimated in the Ebon Hawk community, and one of our goals is to hopefully open the eyes of many decent folk to see this past the whole argument "it's all about gear", which is totally wrong.

Another aspect that some players take issue with is the investment it takes to level a character, learning to play it well, and gearing it up. There are those who just want to roll up a character and have a jolly ol' time role-playing. We can respect this sort of play style, however we cannot respect the types of characters who then proceed to act like a hard ass and think they can intimidate us with their level 20 Sith Marauder. Too many times such a character is called out as a di'kut (idiot) for his stupidity, and then attempts to engage us with the excuse of "well you guys would clearly beat me in a real match, let's role-play it out". We find this unacceptable. If you are foolish enough to talk big to us or those around us, we will call you out for such actions with an actual /duel fight. The Mandalorians are a very laid back and enjoyable group to be around (just hop in our Teamspeak and find out!), but we find this type of action in role-play to be some of the most irritating stuff we can come across.

What is the RP narrative of the Mandalorians?

If you have not already, please check out the "Guild Lore" tab in our information director at the top of our website for a IC overview on what The Mandalorians are about at their core. On an OOC note, the main focus of our guild is maintaining and growing the Mandalorian culture that we love and enjoy so much, and each member of the Mandalorians is committed to this and the Resol'nare. We do not tolerate any Sith or Jedi (or really Force-Sensitives in general) in our ranks, and to do so would be a disservice to what we represent in our role-play. We do have Sith classes as guild members, however these characters are NOT role-played as Force Sensitives and explain their abilities with technology. 

We found that far to many "Mandalorian groups" have, in a way,  lost themselves and often act as puppets/minions to many Sith-focused guilds. Canonically, the Mandalorians are allied with the Empire and this means we are NOT anything less than ALLIES to the Sith. To keep things in perspective, it is worth noting some facts about the latest two NPC Mand'alors. The former (Mand'alor the Lesser) was a complete failure and quickly replaced when the truth about him was unveiled. The current Mand'alor (the Vindicated) is mostly silent (seriously, all he does is drink on his ship), and this is not something that has gone unnoticed by his people. The lack of direction has led to many "Mandalorian" characters seemingly go off the deep end, and are Mandalorians in nothing but name as they play minion to various Sith. 

Loyalty to the Mando'ade should come first, second, third, fourth, and fifth before anyone/thing else... and that includes the Empire. When we see a "Mandalorian" call a dar'jetii (Sith) one of their "vod" (Brother), and even go as far as accepting Sith and other Force-Users into their Clans, we find it absolutely repulsive. You cannot be both Sith and Mandalorian, following both Resol'nare and Sith Code, as it is like water and vinegar. This is a problem to us, and one we have and will continue to actively take a stance against.