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For more than four thousand years we Mandalorians, following the Taung's example, have sought
darasuum kote. Since the time of Mand'alor the First our people, no... Our culture has strived to combat the manipulative and idle workings of Arasuum, whose machination to instill stagnation and complacency has proven to be the downfall of past nations and civilizations throughout the galaxy! I would even argue many of these now dead civilizations met their fate to our hands because we do not accept Arasuum's poison, our endless dedication to grow and adapt so we might improve upon what we were yesterday is why Kad Ha'rangir favors us! This view of course has evolved over time in many forms, the popular view being Ani'la Akaan the "Great Last Battle", but it is the same, the feud between stagnation and growth, Arasuum and Kad Ha'rangir, the Eternal War.

We Mandalorians, we Children of Mand'alor, have waged war upon a thousand worlds,

and still claim no true homeworld. We have fought in countless battles, against a near infinite number of opponents... And still we remain. Even in defeat no matter how hard some try to annihilate us from the face of the galaxy, such as the Jet'ii Revan, still we remain. Why is this? I know some of you might be thinking "It is because our culture as a whole strives to excel, never reaching a ceiling of limitation, constantly improving our combat prowess. That because we are nomadic by nature we have no capitol, no single location where we are vulnerable to an attack." While yes, this is true yet there remains a answer that goes far deeper... Something that no other civilization or cultures has, the Resol'nare.

Unlike the contradicting Jet'ii and the self-destructive Dar'jetii code, our creed.. The Resol'nare, the Six Actions is what has made us such a relentless force in the galaxy for more than four millennia. Where the Jet'ii cut all family ties, we foster our young and adopt
aruetiise to swell our numbers so they may carry the next Mandalorian generation to greatness. When both the Jet'ii and Dar'jetii enter battle they do so wearing nothing more then a few bolts of cloth, thinking their "Force" is all the protection they need, Ha! After three hundred years of fighting us they have learned just how wrong they are, upgrading those bolts of cloth with some armor plating here and there, it's still might as well be made out of flimsi in comparison but in the end they got the message. A Mandalorians armor is a part of their skin, it's more then just some plates stacked next to each other, our beskar'gam is a evolutionary piece of gear that has been improved over the millenias that have past. Where the Jet'ii practice pacifism and a false hood of being protectors of the weak and feeble, we practice defense for ourselves and our aliite, always training to hold our own in the fires of combat, regardless if our trades are armormechs, farmers, weaponsmiths, it does not matter! The aruetiise dont understand this. The Dar'jetii certainly dont understand the importance and strength in the unity of a aliit or a hundred aliite! They only care for themselves, their infighting makes them weak and that is why without our aid they would have lost to the Republic long ago. The last two tenants however are what set us truly apart and how after so many grand wars and conquest, after dozens of species joining our culture we remain true. After all this, our true tongue is that which has been handed down to us, a language that has been in existence since before the Taung's exodus from Coruscant, before the Taung even became Dha Werda Verda, our way of maintaining their legacy is by speaking Mando'a. It is how after so many species and cultures joining our ranks our culture endures and all others succumb. Now of course you all know the last part, even the young aruetii child growing up on some distant farm world knows, and that is our unified belief through the Resol'nare to rally to a Mand'alor so that such a individual can lead all the clans to kote!

The Resol'nare is not merely a creed to us, it is a way of life, without which we would have bickered and cannibalized ourselves in the time of Mand'alor the First or at the very least  Mand'alor the Indomitable. Our culture is strong because of this devotion, the Resol'nare is our cultural beskar'gam, it represents our impenetrable, unassailable heart which is the Mando'ade way of life. This is our purpose vode! For too long have clans been dragging their feet with the Resol'nare! For too long have they lost their way and forgotten who they are in this war started by Mand'alor the Lesser! For too long I have watched upstanding vode turn rotten by their growing bonds with the Dar'jetii! ... I should know, for I once walked this path... Which is why it's our responsibility to remind these lost clans of who they are, where they come from! We shall continue alor Rylon Kohr's work! We will root out any vode and aliite who display dar'manda tendencies and they will either return to the Resol'nare through our guidance or they will face our judgement and wrath!


With this in mind, we will continue to follow the silent Mand'alor the Vindicated, but our vigilance will not falter. Should his direction, or lack there of, lead us down a similar path as Mand'alor the Lesser, and the signs of dar'manda continue to taint our ranks... we will consider our options.

- End of holo recording. Translation estimated 97% accurate. Alor Goddrick Saternius giving a speech to rallied Mandalorian clans on the planet Concord Dawn. Recording listed on public Mandalorians channels. Imperial Intelligence obtained shortly after upload, undisclosed Watcher tasked to monitor any more activity. Anticipate Republic S.I.S also aware of recording by now.