**Ranks within The Mandalorians are designed to enhance the guilds Roleplay quality and PVP organization. They are also designed to focus on dedication and loyalty to The Mandalorians, the ranks are not a tool to lord over anyone else no matter who they might be, everyone in The Mandalorians OOCly has equal say, respect and input. Some ranks will have responsibilities and levels of authority to maintain organization, yet such positions are considered voluntary and a community service to better The Mandalorians as a guild, not ones personal ego. Other ranks are designed to appeal to a variety of people, whether be it a interest to be competitive, remain a respected member (not much interest in rank structure), hold particular responsibilities, (note that some ranks have requirements, others expectations, and others have both!). What needs to be clear for all, is this system is not designed nor welcoming to those who wish to lord over another simply because their in-game rank is higher then another, the reward/promotion system is based on those who put a level of dedication, respect, and loyalty to The Mandalorians as a community, because in the end everyone in The Mandalorians are here to have fun.**

Verd ranks (soldier/warrior positions)

Recruit - Status for all newly joined members who have not gone through ceremony. This can be considered a trial period.

Guild powers: None, can read and use guild chat.

-Approved in app process via website.
-after app, accepts guild invite.

Verd'ika ( Cadet resemblance) - The rank of someone who has gone through the ceremony, considered the starting point in our ranks. To build from here, one must display a desire to Roleplay with The Mandalorians, a determination to improve ones self and those around them (PVP and General guild assistance), and finally a sense of loyalty in ones character.

Guild Powers : View and use guild chat, view members notes.

- Complete Ceremony

Verd (Private) - The "seasoned warrior", members of this rank have begun to display a sense of overall commitment to The Mandalorians and have made strives to improve themselves and their fellow Mando'ade within The Mandalorians.

Guild Powers: Same as verd'ika

Expectations to become a Verd:
- Remains active for roughly one month.
- Displayed desire to excel not only for them selves but their fellow vode.
- Noticeable improvement in PVP/RP activity.
- Uses the guild dedicated Teamspeak server, Mic not needed yet highly recommended.
- Pass Verd trials.

Alor'uss ( Corporal) – The middle tier of the warrior ranks. Alor'uss is for those who have proven to become prominent member(s) in The Mandalorians, displaying a unflinching sense of loyalty and dedication to both vod and aliite within The Mandalorians. The status of this rank is superior to Verd, they are a more proven fighter, capable roleplayer, and have displayed a real sense of loyalty and dedication to The Mandalorians. Many who do not desire higher responsibilities and command but enjoy a level of respect will find the Alor'uss position comfortable to rest at.

Guild powers: Can use guild chat, view member notes and officer notes. Can comment on Member applications

Expectations to become a Alor'uss:
- Remains active and dedicated in The Mandalorians without faulting for at least three months.
- Alor'uss also requires the recommendation of 1-2 fellow Mandalorians of NCO rank or lower.
- Uses TS actively (with a mic) regardless if something is going on or not; displaying a real sense of commitment to The Mandalorians.
- An ability to command respect from the membership as a whole without demanding it. The Alor'uss is a soldier just like the Verd, they hold a respect of combat discipline just as the Verd, yet are older and begin to display a responsibility of a Ruus'alor.

Ruus'alor (Sergeant) - Can be viewed as the NCO rank, eligibility for this rank requires a displayed ability to not necessarily lead but keep those under the Ruus'alor in line and energized (Motivate people no matter how poor the situation might seem!). It is the Ruus'alor responsibility to also reinforce any enacted statements and commands from the Akaan'alor, this continues down the chain of command up to Ver'alor.

Guild Powers: Same as Alor'uss plus: can invite members into the guild, can run ceremonies, becomes eligible for Rallymaster Position.

Requirements/expectations to become AND retrain Ruus'alor:
- First and foremost, one must remain a active and a upstanding member within The Mandalorians for at least two months. Meaning the exact expectations up to becoming a Alor'uss are implied here.
- Must be recommended by two members of The Mandalorians who are not of the Ruus'alor rank. Must have considerable martial ability in PvP and RP. Mic usage is mandatory.
- Beyond this, each potential Ruus'alor must under go the trial period known as "Akaan at Kote” (Fight to Glory). This trial period is comprised of a series of challenges and tests, details on this will be found elsewhere for members to which such a process applies to.
- Upon completion of Akaan at Kote, the holder of such rank must maintain it by upholding the exact qualities needed to earn it. Failure to do so will result in demotion/replacement.
- On the first weekend of every month, those who have qualified, properly recommended, and approved for Akaan at Kote. May challenge the current Ruus'alor(s) if slots are filled. Such process will be known in the same regard as the Akaan at Kote trial period expressed previously. If the newly approved challenger defeats a current Ruus'alor under the established system of Akaan at Kote, the challenger replaces the current. The same goes for the replaced Ruus'alor, should they be replaced, they return as a Alor'uss and repeat the process of Akaan at Kote at the start of a new month.

Extra need to know information of Ruus'alor:
- At present time, there can only ever be four Ruus'alor. Two being of a DPS speced class, one healer, and one tank.
- Inability to maintain requirements and expectations of Ruus'alor rank will result in demotion.
- As stated from the start, ranks within The Mandalorians are designed toward a Roleplay and PVP structure following our game play style in SWTOR. They are also designed to focus on dedication and loyalty to The Mandalorians, the ranks are not a tool to lord over anyone else no matter who, everyone in The Mandalorians OOCly has equal say, respect and input. With this in mind, the Ruus'alor rank is intentionally competitive (unlike any of the other ranks) because it is a important position both historically and culturally in the Star Wars universe. It's designed for those who do seek competition but are also forced to adapt a community centered focus for everyone in this guild in order to obtain it (just like every other rank). Should any who compete for this position get out of hand and affect ones view of others, such individual(s) will be addressed in various ways on a individual case by case basis. (potential example: Prohibited from competition for Ruus'alor rank)

Command Ranks:

Ver'alor (LT.) - The start of the command ranks, all who express a desire to become part of the command ranks start here if they pass per-requisites and are approved by the proper authorities. Everything expected of the ranks before Ver'alor is doubled from here and continues as such down the command ranks

Guild Powers: Same as Ruus'alor, plus: Admin on the website, Officer Tag on the Teamspeak, can edit member notes, eligible for Rallymaster, can edit officer notes. Can organize events such as raids, duels, tournaments, etc.

- Must be recommended by Alor'uus and Ruus'alor's specifically. Nominators must be interviewed and describe the nominee as an asset not just a good person.
- Mic Required.
-Promotion must be agreed upon by all Rallymasters, Alor's and the Akaan'alor. Must also possess some skill that can be used in clan-wide management (EG: Coding skills, Roleplay creation, significant crafting ability, etc.)

Alor'ad (Captain) - A Rallymaster Exclusive rank, granted as a token of esteem to loyal and venerable Rallymasters. This rank is essentially a ceremonial gift of authority in order to distinguish them from other officers who may not hold the Rallymaster title.

Guild Powers: Same as all previous ranks plus: Rallymaster title.

-All previous requirements, plus must be a Rallymaster and must have at least one Ver'alor underneath them in their RP clan.

Alor (Chieftain) - Current highest command next to the Akaan'alor, in the Akaan'alor absence, it is the Alor(e) who have the responsibility of The Mandalorians in addition to their own RP clans. (Being promoted to this rank permits the formation of ones own Roleplay clan within The Mandalorians. Note, this is not a guild within a guild within a guild or clan within a guild. It remains a roleplay platform without exclusion of any other member be in ones clan or not.)

Guild Powers: All previous plus: The ability to select a Rallymaster of Ruus'alor rank or higher, control over an RP clan, the ability to accept applications on the website for new members, provided the application has followed the due process and has the support of the Akaan'alor if present.

-Active and trust worthy individual. Must be appointed and approved by the Akaan'alor.
-Must have had previous experience as ATLEAST a Ruus'alor but preferably as a Rallymaster for sometime. Has the responsibility of maintaining the discipline and activity of their RP clan, as well as an overall contribution to The Mandalorians on a whole.

Akaan'alor (War Leader) - The sole figure head who leads The Mandalorians as both a Guild and Warband entirely, every member regardless of rank, or clan answers to the Akaan'alor. Responsible for ensuring the Guild remains on it's proper course, keeping the Roleplay respectable and true to the culture, and most importantly taking a absolute priority to look out for each and every member.

Guild Powers: Rights of the Proconsul!